Netwize has vast experience in all security applications, health and safety, process control, covert systems, remote monitoring and control room design, installation and integration. As a company that provides high end and specialised solutions we choose to only install equipment from premium manufactures specifically, Honeywell, Samsung and Cathexis Technologies.

A typical solution provided by Netwize will bare all the following:

digital surveillance systems
Tamper Proof design and installation
security applications
High quality finishes with attention to detail
process control
Best equipment fit for the application
covert systems
Use to latest available technologies
control room designs
Integration of 3rd party equipment with cameras such as, weighbridges, POS, access control systems and electronic alarms.
control room integration
Cost saving measures where possible without compromising integrity or functionality of the system
control room installation
Systems designed and built for purpose



We believe that our solution differentiates us from the rest in that we design, install and maintain Digital Surveillance systems unlike most CCTV companies. The quality of our installation carefully managed through a stringent quality control system. Netwize through our association with ISASA Security Training provides professional (certified) operator and control room management. The ISASA systems include managed, documented and implemented operational procedures that are regularly audited. Netwize and ISASA Security Training in association with The Quadriplegic Association of Kwa-Zulu Natal (QAK) have developed the Nine Eleven Off Site Monitoring facility. Nine Eleven Monitoring is operated by disable personnel and one third of the revenue generated by Nine Eleven Monitoring service is donated to QAK. Nine Eleven Monitoring provides a number of cost effective options for Asset Management and Security monitoring options from a remote location. Our target market is multi-site businesses where we can provide a cost effective long term strategy.

Most CCTV installations have the technology but do not provide the client with a deliverable. Our aim is to provide cost effective managed solutions that address business issues rather than providing a “Candid Camera” after the fact information.

Netwize is also proud to boast a Level 1 BBBEE compliance and has staff that are committed to every aspect of our business. We are constantly looking for ways in which to expand our business with new applications and in new markets.